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Small Business Server Maintenance

Virtualising Your Small Business Environment Virtualization is the use of one powerful physical server to host many virtual servers this is made possible by using of advanced software such as VMware or Microsoft hyper v. It is a very simple concept whereby one server acts as a host for other virtual servers. The number of virtual servers you can have in one physical box depends on the specifications of your server. The higher the hardware specifications the more the servers you can host. For instance you can have one server that hosts about 8- 12 servers. Virtualization entails the consolidation of existing servers from many physical boxes or silos to one powerful server that will run smoothly and serve your small business well. This means that you will spend less money of the costs associated with small business server maintenance such as power costs, cooling costs as well as licensing costs.

Virtualization is a technology that can be adopted by any business regardless of their size. It is a solution that works for small businesses, medium business as well large scale organizations. The servers hosted can run different operating systems. For instance once server can be running Linux, windows server 2008, windows server 2012, or even the legacy windows server 2003. Virtualization works well for small businesses, it alleviated the need to purchase a server for every business application you are running. For instance instead of purchasing a server to run the email software, ERP, share point, internet server, file server and a web server. You can purchase one server that will host all the aforementioned applications and server you well. The way virtualization has been designed is quite sophisticated, but in the eyes of the user, they will not know whether the application they are using is in a virtualized environment or not. Virtualization makes small business server maintenance easier since you will only have one or two physical servers to service as opposed to the many servers that host a single software application.

Benefits of virtualization

1.It is cheaper to maintain one physical server than maintaining many servers

2.You will save on your power bill as well as cooling costs

3.You have less headache, you only have one small business server maintenance

4.Enhanced security

5.Replacement of old servers that are no longer supported by vendors

Reasons why virtualization is a good solution for a small business

1.Increased scalability In a virtualized environment you can increase or decrease the RAM or Hard disk space assigned to any server. If a server needs more resources you simply increase the memory. Unlike in a single server where memory lies idle and cannot be utilized by other servers

2.Increased server efficiency The servers resources can be shared amongst virtual machines and ensure that they are well utilized

3.Creation of virtual machines at will In a virtualized environment, you can create virtual machines at will for test purposes. This flexibility is needed especially when you would like to test security patches.

In conclusion, we are in the best position to analyze your small business and ensure provide you with a virtualization solution that will serve your business efficiently while you leap all the benefits associated with virtualization. At TroubleShootingExperts, we will ensure that your small business server maintenance expenses are cut down significantly.